New Construction - Passive House

This 6,953sf Passive House has been designed with super insulated walls, ceiling, and basement floor slab. It also has triple glazed casement windows and airtight construction. These features allow the home to maintain interior temperatures within a few degrees during summer and winter, with the help of two small heat pumps. A ventilation system continuously circulates fresh air throughout the house and controls humidity. Rooftop solar panels will generate enough electricity to provide for all of the house's needs. This combination of design, detailing, and mechanical systems results in a house that will operate without any outside power.

Upon completion, this will be the first Passive House in NJ, and the 17th (and largest) in the United States. The house will feature all of the rooms common to a suburban home, including six bedrooms, six bathrooms, a full basement, and a three car garage, showing that energy efficiency can be achieved without sacrifice. Only the utility bills are eliminated.